Silver Huraches

As a result of the Huaraches de Oro family, Huaraches de Plata was born, an event that marks the beginning of a new era of unforgettable flavors and experiences. With a unique and special flavor, this creation delights even the most demanding palates, captivating the senses with its elegance and distinction.

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Huaraches de Oro

Raicillero Masters

As the teachers speak, their words are filled with love and respect for the tradition they have inherited. They explain the secrets of making raicilla, from the careful selection of plants to the distillation process. Every gesture and movement demonstrates the skill and knowledge they have acquired over the years.

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The Ambassador

After the round of 15 semi-finalists, 8 of the best mixologists from all over Mexico managed to reach the grand final. After several rounds, three places were obtained with prizes of five, twenty and fifty thousand pesos, as well as the title of The Ambassador and brand ambassador, Keren Hapuc being the one who obtained it by becoming a member of the family.

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