De Jalisco para el mundo | Presentación Huaraches De Oro

From Jalisco to the world | Gold Huaraches Presentation

On September 14, 2021, the official opening of Huaraches de Oro took place, a truly poetic event that celebrated the history, transcendence and captivating legend of this unique drink. Their essence has been fermented in the heart of Mesoamerica, and this special event was the perfect setting to honor their rich heritage.

The Montecruz Boutique Hotel was the place chosen to give life to this unforgettable experience. The hotel's elegant and welcoming atmosphere was the perfect backdrop for attendees to immerse themselves in the magic of Huaraches de Oro.

During the event, you could see the dedication and love with which this exceptional drink is produced. The guests had the opportunity to taste the different flavors and nuances that make it so special, discovering the subtlety and complexity of its notes.

Without a doubt, this official opening of Huaraches de Oro was a highlight in the calendar , where spirits lovers could delight in a unique and memorable experience. A tribute to the culture and tradition that has given life to this legendary drink in the heart of Mesoamerica.

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Huaraches from Jalisco for the world!