Día internacional de la raicilla 2022 | Mascota

International raicilla day 2022 | Pet

International Raicilla Day 2022 in Mascota, Jalisco was a tribute to history and tradition, an opportunity to celebrate and appreciate this distilled gem that connects us with our roots and captivates us with every sip.

The event took place in Mascota, a picturesque town in Jalisco known for being the birthplace of this distilled gem. The atmosphere was full of excitement and energy, with passionate people coming together to celebrate raicilla at its best.

From tastings to distillation demonstrations, every corner of the event invited us to explore and discover the magic of raicilla. Attendees enjoyed a wide variety of raicillas, with unique flavor profiles that reflected the diversity of the agave and the distillation methods used by master raicilleros.

In addition to drinks, the event offered live music, traditional dances and regional dishes that enhanced the experience. It was a vibrant and authentic display of how we reveled in this incredible event, immersed in the culture and passion that surrounds raicilla.

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